Miniaturk Imrahor Street Sütlüce 34445 Istanbul Turkey
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Miniaturk opened on April 23rd, 2003, a special Childrens'day in Turkey. The construction of Miniaturk has been completed within less than 2 years.

The location of the park is ideally situated in the city of Istanbul, Turkey's biggest city and its opening window to the outside world. As in similar examples in the world, the park consists of models built on the scale of 1:25. Models of 105 most prominent monumental works reflecting the heritage of Turkey are exhibited. The owner of the project is Istanbul Culture and Arts Products Trade Co. (Kültür A.S.) a company of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Miniaturk is built on a land of 60.000 square meters on the shores of the Golden Horn, a historic district of Istanbul. Its purpose is to let visitors from around the world discover the rich historical heritage of Turkey. Centuries old magnificent mosques, churches, synagogues, bridges, palaces, towers and natural landscapes have all taken their place in Miniaturk. From Hagia Sophia to Blue Mosque; from Artemis temple to Bosphorus Bridge; and many unique examples of art and architecture, great and small, are now displayed. There is also a miniature railway network, a motorway with moving vehicles, an airport with moving airplanes, thousands of human figures, and ships sailing across the Bosphorus. These dynamic models make Miniaturks a living park.

In addition, a rubber wheeled and electrically charged mini train, called 'miniaturk express' capable of carrying up to 24 children gives children an enjoyable ride through the park. Other attractions include the 700 square metre restaurant and the cafetaria overlooking the Golden Horn.