Swiss Miniatur

Swiss Miniatur 6815 Melide Lugano Switzerland

Swissminiatur was opened in 1959. The area for the realization of the project was chosen in first instance for the beauty of its landscape choreography and for its climate.

Since the beginning, our aim was to synthesize, symbolize and summarize Switzerland.

Inside you will find more than 120 models representing the patrician houses, the castles, the cathedrals and other buildings of Switzerland. For the fans of the railways-models we have more than 3500 m of rails with no less than 18 trains, funiculars, rack-railways, cable-cars and boats in motion. All the models of our exhibition are built on the scale of 1:25.

This area in the vicinity of Lugano is set alongside the shore of the lake Ceresio, surrounded by mountains such as Monte Generoso and Monte San Salvatore, rich in vegetation. Melide is just north of the bridge spanning the lake. The advantages of being connected with the expressway, the highway, the railways, the boat, the bus from and to Lugano allow our clients to reach us easily.